“The difference between a cockeyed optimist and a visionary is that one encourages us to sit back while the other inspires us to commit to a vision and take action. In Sacred America, Sacred World, Stephen Dinan offers us a highly compelling blueprint to engage in deep and totally achievable global transformation. This is a visionary work of the highest order.”
—James O’Dea, author of The Conscious Activist, former president of IONS, former director of Amnesty International (United States)

Sacred America, Sacred World articulates a practical and inspiring vision for the future of America. Explaining how and why each party has a part of the truth, Dinan lays out a plan that will help move us beyond the polarizing and paralyzing ” them vs us” immature rhetoric of the past few decades and shows us how we can indeed become the country and people we were meant to be. This is a book on politics with heart and soul. And that makes all the difference.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Wellbeing, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,  and The Wisdom of Menopause

“If, as the Bible says, ‘where there is no vision, the people perish,’ then this book is our survival manual. It provides exactly the vision we, the people, have been searching for.”
—Mark Gerzon, author of Leading Through Conflict and The Reunited States of America

“Major evolutionary changes are looming on America’s political horizon, and Stephen Dinan’s book is the first I’ve seen to announce them so clearly.”
—Rich Tafel, Founder, Log Cabin Republicans; Director, Project for the Future Right

“What we need now is not simply more complicated analysis along with the same lines of thinking that produced our circumstances as they are now. What we need is a vision of what’s possible and Sacred America, Sacred World, pours thought and feeling into the envisioning process.”
—Marianne Williamson, New York Times best selling author

“In Sacred America, Sacred World. Stephen Dinan provides us a vision and an understanding on how to reach the next evolutionary step for humanity. His perspective parallels the inner psychological work of individuation—of holding the opposites in a creative tension that can lead to a new level of integration and wholeness. He sees a middle way when polarization, projection of shadow, and worst fears dominate the political arena. His book is a call for involvement by those who see an underlying oneness from cosmos to humans, or know about psychological wounds through healing of their own.”
Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, author, Jungian analyst, activist

“Bookstores are full of attempts to map the transition from the last century into the new one and away from a world full of silos, hard-edged ideologies, and personal agendas. Dinan’s vision is unique. He is recognized as the prime “shift-master” of our age and generation because he goes where most fear to tread and maps out new and fresh blends of tools and alloys that hold the promise of creating a brighter day for all. Get a copy of Sacred America, Sacred World. No! Buy 10 and delight your friends.”
—Don Edward Beck, Ph D., Author of Spiral Dynamics; Founder, Center for Human Emergence, Denton, Texas

“This is the first great manifesto of the evolutionary, trans-partisan political movement of our time. . . . In this appealingly personal but deeply knowledgeable book, Stephen Dinan shows us a better way. Like some of the great political philosophers of the 19th century, he shines a spotlight on the most promising currents of the day. . . . He shows us how we can better become the richly complex and self-aware beings that we truly are.”
—Mark Satin, author of New Age Politics (1976, rev. 2015) and Radical Middle (2004)

“This wise and moving book will help us all in the central task of our time. That of reinventing a way of being and doing that reflects our sacred nature and sacred purpose.”
—Andrew Harvey, author of over 30 books and founder of Institute for Sacred Activism

“Dinan’s book is a shot across the bow of political complacency. He is calling on Americans from all across the political spectrum to aspire to something higher than the conventional ideas and institutions that now drive our politics. He points to the reality of order and freedom as energetic forces within individuals and the culture as well as the need to address the country’s psychic shadow. It’s a starting point for very important conversations that must take place if our Constitutional Republic is to not only survive but thrive.”
—Michael D. Ostrolenk, Cofounder, The Liberty Coalition

Sacred America is a crash course at the intersection of politics, spirituality, and citizens. Like the three-legged stool, all are required for the United States to fulfill our potential. We, as citizens, are at a crossroads. Will we pick up the banner of our responsibility and thrive, or allow the degradation to continue? To choose wisely, start with reading this book.
—Debilyn Molineaux, President, Coffee Party USA; Co-Director, Bridge Alliance

“Rarely does a book come along that not only presents an illuminating picture of how our country and our world can evolve to work for everyone, but also offers profound understanding about how to get there. Sacred America, Sacred World is such a book and a remarkable achievement. As we approach America’s 250th anniversary, Stephen’s pragmatic vision can excite and guide us. A deep bow to his intelligence, his heart, and his commitment to our beloved country and the world.”
—John Steiner and Margo King